Angels Online: Main Cities Introduction – Aurora City

The Angels Online team from IGG gave a brief introduction to the mysterious Iron Castle last time. Today, they will continue to introduce another of the main cities called, Aurora.

As its name implies, Aurora City is a warm city, full of hope and sunshine. Located in the easternmost part of Eden, the city greets the first faint rays of dawn each day. Passing through the thin clouds, the golden sunlight shines over each corner of this city. Even the little worm which has been hidden all night will shake its body and greet the first drops of morning dew with a smile.

Apart from the other 3 main cities, Aurora City is bright. It seems that even each brick here teems with life. Walking around this vast city, you will forget the flames of war that can sometimes seem uncomfortably close n other cities, because of the fresh air and the friendly smiles on the citizens’ faces. The bar boss cries for business here, where most bartenders have to kick some customers out! Children playing on the street, and women hustling about loaded down with groceries or shopping bags. This city has flourished while so many others inevitably got caught up in the ravages of war because the king takes great care to make sure his people have plenty of opportunity to succeed culturally, socially and economically. The result has been a people and city that have far outpaced the other cities in terms of quality of life.

However, one cannot place all the credit upon the benevolence of the king. Aurora City has nature on it’s side as well. It is located in the east of Eden, and has a natural barrier there that the people call Aurora River. In the very beginning of his reign, the king didn’t pay much attention to the city defenses. However, the outwardly calm but deep and aggressive river holds the whole city in it’s embrace and is one of the most important defensive structures protecting the city.

In the center of the city, the Aurora Guard always stand ready to help players. What’s more, there are elite armies guarding each of the four city gates.

However, this peaceful flower of a city has recently felt the burning licks of the flames of war. In order to protect their homeland, the King has organized a team, including experienced knights from elite armies, to work with other factions’ armies and fight the underground demons together.

The peaceful feeling of Aurora City is very popular with players, making it one of the most popular main cities in Eden.

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