Angels Online: Marriage Quest Overview

Angels Online possesses abundant in-game systems. With the release of the new expansion, the Lost Atlantis, and the growth of players’ characters, more and more new systems are available for players. Today, the Angels Online team is giving a brief introduction about the Marriage system.

If two Angels love each other in game, they can go to the Angel Lyceum and accept a series of marriage quests from the NPC “Marriage Angel”.

After they finish these quests, they can hold their wedding in the Angel Church, specially built for marriage ceremonies. What’s more, they can invite their friends to join their wedding as guests.

For the Boy
He must go to Cactus Plain and get a Star Soul. If he can finish the task and give the Marriage Angel 1 Sunlight Tear and the Dew Crystal from his soulmate, they will be ready for marriage.

For the Girl
She must go to the Mysterious Garden and find the Dewy Flower. She must help her solve her problems and get a Dew Drop. Then go claim the reward, a [Dew Crystal], from the NPC Marriage Angel. After that, she must hand it to the boy and they will be ready for marriage.

How to get married
If the boy has the Sunlight Tear and the Dew Crystal, he can go find the NPC with his girl. Talk to the NPC and then start the wedding. After they exchange their rings, they will be a couple in game. Each of them can use the rings to summon their soulmate once each hour.

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