Angels Online: Monsters in The Desert

As summer gets into full swing, the hot weather has inspired the Angels Online team from IGG to discuss the monsters inhabiting the desert maps included in their newest expansion, House Party.
These demons stalk the dunes, always looking to cause trouble. They are formed from the swirling dust of violent sandstorms and imbued with magic to give them shape. Violent and temperamental, like the winds that created them, they can be very aggressive.
Desert Worms
These slippery dune snakes are fierce and cunning. Launching attacks from under the feet of their prey, they will often surprise their target when they least expect it. The only warning is the shaking of the sand as they get closer. Their long dusty bodies slide through the sand with ease, aided by multitudes of eyes and teeth all over. Nobody has ever managed to describe them without using the word ‘disgusting’.
Blago Miners
These rotten creatures wander the desert on the lookout for whatever warm body may cross their path. Bloodthirsty, but not aggressive, they will only attack if you come close enough.
The Centaurs are one of the oldest tribes in the desert. They roam the dunes on 4 legs, galloping like the wind between their camps. They are excellent hunters, and familiar with all life living in the desert. Tough and brutal, they have not taken sides in the conflict with the Evil Lyceum, instead greeting all who are not part of their tribes with fierce attacks.
Grey-haired Demons
These terrifying demons are the worst the Evil Lyceum has to offer in the desert. They are cool, as much as one can be in the desert, calculating, and evil to the core. Once you see the pair of sharp horns that jut from their ‘head’, it may already be too late…
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