Angels Online: Monsters in The Jungle

Angels Online is just getting the House Party started! We’ve got some new faces joining the party as well, and they’re ready to rock! So head on over to the Jungle and ask if you can boogie down with the orangutans, or see which men the man-eating flower has been chewing the fat with!

They are powerful primates that are very territorial. They are slightly larger than your average human and wield powerful fists and deadly swinging kicks. However, they aren’t usually as fierce as they are made out to be, some are even just as lazy as humans, and like nothing better than to relax in the swaying branches of their favorite tree!

Man-eating Flowers
These beautifully aggressive flowers have colorfully large petals that obscure the sharp teeth behind them. They move quickly through the jungle, searching for prey with their acute sense of smell, and capturing it with sprays of poison.

Earth Fairies
These small fairies used to be the friendly tricksters of the jungle. Sometimes mistaken for fireflies, they were considered little more than a nuisance… that is, until the Evil Lyceum showed up. Now many of them have been corrupted by the evil seeping into the Jungle and have turned into nastily ferocious little fiends that might literally bug you to death!

Naga Tribe
These men are natives of the jungle and have learned to coexist with the many forces of nature dwelling within. They are smart, cunning, and can control water. Some even utilize ice spells to attack their enemies!

Once upon a time they were the guardians of the Jungle. They were trained to use deadly weapons and kept the land peaceful. However, with the arrival of the Evil Lyceum, they have gone mad! Raving about evil and waving their weapons, they no longer distinguish between friend and foe. When venturing close to the Giant Wooden Stairs watch out for these warriors!

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