Angels Online: New Expansion Spotlight Unveiled

Angels Online team are very happy to announce the coming release of their new expansion called “House Party”. This new expansion continues the cute, fun style that the game is known for, while adding a lot of new content for players to explore.

16 new jungle and desert scenes will be added into the new expansion. The AO developers have always done their best to make sure the game graphics are sharp, clear, and fun. With over a year’s work poured into the new version, the results are breathtaking.

The House system is one of the most important features of the “House Party” expansion. With this new system, the developers are adding a new, creative dimension to the game that players can use to customize to their own specific taste and style.

Some of the brand new elements in the new version:
1. The upper level limit will be increased to 130.
2. 16 new jungle and desert scenes
3. An all new PVP system called Angel Arena
4. New stylish jungle and desert suits
5. The all new “House” system, which includes manufacturing a house, arranging furniture and design the interior style for the house.
6. New instances
7. New monsters and BOSSes
8. A new series of jungle/desert robots and mounts

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