Angels Online: New Instances Preview

Today the Angels Online ( from IGG ( is going to give their players a little preview of the new expansion.

As the first expansion of Angles Online, “Eden” contains more eye-catching game content and systems, and players can level up to 80. The Marriage System will be available for players to use and some cool equipment and new mounts will be offered as well. Some new maps will also be available. In addition, there will be 2 new instances, Magic Kitchen Path and Gulp Room.

Magic Kitchen Path
This used to be a holy palace for the angel Lucifer. But when he became evil and launched a war against the righteous angels he buried it and the palace became the headquarters of many monsters. Should you dare to brave this immense pit of evil, you must be strong enough to take on all the monsters lurking there.
However, brave angels don’t lose heart. If you want to fight the most powerful enemy in this expansion, I can tell you a shortcut.
There is an entrance outside of the castle which is influenced by dark magic. There, you can only see your teammates. You should be able to defeat the monsters with your teammates.

Explore Gulp Room
Michael received a report from an explorer that told of Berssif and how he had appeared around the Magic Kitchen Path. The Little Angels needed to destroy the Devil to preserve the peace in Eden. The envoy of the Angel Lyceum, who had been sent into the depths of the [Hell Palace] returned to the Angel Lyceum to relate his harrowing adventures.
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