Angels Online: New PVP system Preview

In the new edition called House Party, the Angels Online team has developed a brand new PVP system, Angel Arena, which is totally different from the Totem Battle and Holy Battlefield. Players can join this PVP system alone and fight to win the highest single honor in game. Today, the Angels Online team is going to give a brief introduction about this all new PVP system.
Level Requirement: Only Level 60+ players can sign up and take part in this event.
Event Location
The Angel Arena in sever branch 1 of all servers. Players can use any [teleportation] items or [Escape Potions].
Sign-up Location: Players can go to one of the four main cities, the Angel Lyceum or Palm Base to find the NPC [Battlefield Angel] who will teleport them to the [Sign-up Office]. There, they must sign up at the [War Angel Servant] and then choose to join or view the battle.
During the Battle
After the event starts, all participating players will be teleported to their corresponding battlefields. Then, the system will automatically count down 5 seconds in the World Channel (it is included in the 20 minutes for each stage.) After 5 seconds, each participating Angel must find a blue circle on their feet. Then, they can begin to PK with each other.
If players are killed in the Angel Arena, they can’t join the battle again. They can continue to view the battle and they will lose no exp after their death. However, if they are offline during the event, they can’t join the battle even if they login.
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