Angels Online: New Server Coming Soon

Angels Online (Http://, the new MMORPG from IGG, has attracted a lot of players during its short 4 months of operation.
With an increasing number of the AO players, the Angels Online team has decided to open a new server called Sofie after this Thursday’s maintenance, and at the same time a series of captivating events will be held to commemorate the opening. You can view these events below:

Event 1: Quianer Meets His Match
Event Location: Training Palace A1 (161, 86) in the Sofiel Server
Event Contents:
1. After beginning, the GM will wait for all the Little Angels in Training Palace A1 (161, 86).
2. The GM will make a team with four random angels in Training Palace A1 (161, 86) and help them finish the quest.
3. After finishing the quest, the GM will leave the team at once and make a new team with another group of angels.
4. Don’t worry if you aren’t on the first team made. Also, there is no need to trade with the GM or add him as a friend during the monster killing. Our GMs will continually make new teams to try and help everyone.
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Event 2: The Crazy GM of Sofiel
Event Content:
Recently, a Discount Stall set by the GM is available for Newbie players in the Angel Lyceum. Players who reach the Angel Lyceum at the appointed time and find the GM following the in-game announcement can buy anything the GM has for 100 coins each. 100 coins! That’s cheap! The GM must be crazy! What are you waiting for, Angels? Come on!
Event Location: Angel Lyceum A/B/C in Sofiel Server
Event Details:
1. After the event begins, the GM will come to Angel Lyceums A/B/C. Pay attention to the in-game announcements, they will tell you where the GM is.
2. The number of newbie items in the Discount Stall is limited. Hurry up!
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