Angels Online: New version Preview-The Lost Atlantis

The Angels Online ( team is very happy to announce that the latest edition “The Lost Atlantis” is in process and will be available for players soon. Today, the AO team has been kind enough to give us a brief introduction to the new edition.

In the coming new edition, the highest character level will be level 100. Meanwhile, a series of systems, quests and maps will be available for players as well.

New System: Cards Collection
1. Players can exchange their cards for rewards from officials. Meanwhile, they can enjoy the final game designs.
2. There are various cards including monster cards, special monster cards, character cards, scene cards, equipment cards, item cards and so on.
3. After they collect a volume of cards, players can exchange the volume for rewards.

New Instance:
Huge cracked ships and heaps of raw and bloody bones are scattered everywhere creating a ghastly underwater graveyard. In addition, the dead voyagers’ souls haunt the area in misery.

New Maps:
15 new scenes including coast scenes, shallow waters scenes and deepwater scenes are available for players.

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