Angels Online: Newbie Lucky Bag Giveaway

With all the new events and promotions going on, Angels Online (, a new MMORPG from IGG, has attracted more and more new players.
In the beautiful March, AO team is going to offer this special bonus to these lovely players.

Newbie Lucky Bags Coming! GET YOURS for free!

In order to ensure new player a more comfortable gaming experience at the starting stage of this game, the AO team is cooperating with some other media sites to offer some free Newbie Lucky Bag. The first passel will be given out for free on March 21st
. Player who receives this bag will not only get several helpful items but will obtain a cool pink pig to ride!

These Newbie Lucky Bags will be given out in the form of serial number. After obtaining a serial number from any of these cooperating media site, players just need to
1. Login to the official Angels Online website (
2. Register an IGG account
3. Download and install the client.
4. Enter the game and create a character.
5. Return to the event page ( and enter the serial number.
6. Then players can enter the game and find Bao Clerk to redeem the Newbie Pack: Please click on “Choose the dummy treasure”.

The giveaway will start on Mar 21st so please keep an eye on the official site and the below cooperating media site:

IGG is here sincerely inviting any other media to join and become our partner!
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