Angels Online: Outpost Battlefield and Monsters Overview

After the release of the Lost Atlantis, a new PVP system called Holy Battlefield is now available for all players to enjoy. It has evolved based on the Outpost Battlefield and the Totem Battle. Players must have been very familiar with the Totem Battle, so today the Angels Online team is giving a brief introduction concerning the Outpost Battlefield.

Outpost Battlefield
The Outpost Battlefield was the first PVP system released for Angels Online. Four appointed NPCs can be found in the four main cities. Different factions’ players can talk to corresponding NPCs and then enter the Outpost Battlefield and PK with players from other factions.

In order to protect lower level players, there will be two maps for level 21-40 players and level 41-60 players respectively. Players will be teleported to the corresponding map according to their level.

Fighting system players always charge forward under heavy fire like tanks, and are very important in the Outpost Battlefield. Magic players should deal as much damage as they can in time to soften up their enemies for the main tanks. If there are more than two factions’ on a map, players who take part in the Outpost Battlefield the first time may become flustered, and this can be disastrous during battle.

Boss Monsters & Production
Monsters which are as powerful as BOSSes will come to the Outpost Battlefield from 6:00pm to 12:00am everyday. Players can organize teams to defeat these monsters and obtain certain Riddle Pieces. 200 Riddle Pieces can be exchanged for a Certificate.

A guild with more Certificates has a chance to occupy a map in advance in the Totem Battle. On the battlefield, production players can obtain some Riddle Pieces as well by collecting high-level materials. However, their Riddle Pieces are much sought after, these players may be attacked by players from other factions. It is better for them to team up with other fighters and collect materials together.

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