Angels Online: Pet Power!

In many MMORPGs, pets can be fun and useful to their masters, but in Angels Online, pets are practically indispensible. Whether you want a bloody wolf, a Kung Fu bear, or even a flying dragon, these cute creatures or fierce friends will help your character in ways nothing else in the game can. Read this primer to learn about the power of pets!
To help all angels, the Archangel in Eden plucked many wondrous creatures from nature and bestowed mysterious powers upon them. Then he sealed them into eggs that he scattered across the world. Once an angel has found an egg, they can raise the pet as they see fit, helping it to develop into a formidable aide in battle.
There are nine types of pet eggs, including Water Elf, Earth Elf, Wind Elf, Fire Elf, Brute’s Egg, Nature’s Egg, Beast’s Egg, Elf Egg and Dragon Egg. Players can choose whatever type they prefer. The first four egg types can be purchased from NPCs in the four main cities. The latter five pets are more difficult to obtain, but are also more powerful. Angels must defeat the appropriate Bosses to get such a pet, or they can purchase them from players who have a surplus of valuable eggs.
Selecting a powerful pet type doesn’t guarantee the player a super-pet. All pets must be raised properly to reach their full potential. Pets level up as they assist their masters in battle. In addition, a player can choose different ways to help nurture their pet into the best possible fit for their play style. Whether they choose Strict, Indulgent, Gentle, or a combination of ways to help their pet grow, players will see various benefits resulting from their choices. In general, raising a pet in predominantly Strict ways will result in one with higher attack abilities, whereas raising one in mostly Indulgent ways will result in one with higher healing abilities.
With the release of House Party, the latest Angels Online expansion, the upper limit for pets’ levels has been increased. With the help of an Advanced Blood Certificate, players can enhance their pets to advanced status. Cool looks aside, advanced pets offer the unique ability to foster pets in many different ways.
Most characters will find having pets with complementary skills will give them more flexibility in battle. For instance, players who focus on fighting skills are encouraged to raise pets with superior healing skills. Those who rely upon magic might best be served by a pet with high attack abilities. Whatever type of pet you raise, your Angel will soon learn just how powerful an ally a pet can be.

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