Angels Online: Pet System Introduction

Today, the Angels Online ( team from IGG is making a detail introduction of the pet system in the game.

Pet System
Players can ride various cute animals such as turtles, little pigs, horses, and big lizards to wander around the fascinating world. During battle, your pets can not only help you to fight against monsters, but also can level up and become more and more powerful.

Pets will experience 4 phases in their entire lives.
* Egg:At this phase, the pet’s appearance is an egg, and it can fight and level up.
* Junior Pet:The pet will break out of the egg shell when it reaches level 15.
* Secondary Pet: When the pets’ level is 35+, players can buy a Medium Blood Certificate from the Item Mall, and use it to change their pets into a secondary pet.
* Advanced Pet: When the pets’ level is 65+, players should buy a special item to change their pets into an advanced pet, but the special item hasn’t been released.

* Whenever pets advance to a higher rank, they can learn a new skill, and they are able to learn 3 skills at most.
* Whenever a pets’ level has increased by 10, the power of their skills will be increased by 1 rank.(If pets keep increasing their levels, the power of their skills will be improved as well)

Pet Death
* The pets’ experience and intimacy will be decreased when they are dead.
* Players should find Pet Experts in anyone of the four main cities or the Angel Lyceum, and ask the pet expert to revive their pets.
* If the pet is wearing the Pet Amulet, which can be bought from the Item Mall, the pet’s HP will be full again when its’ HP is 0, but the amulet will disappear.
* The pet will be reclaimed automatically when it’s master is dead.

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