Angels Online: Production System Introduction

Angels Online ( is a MMORPG with rich classes. Here, the Angels Online team is giving a detailed introduction of the Production System in AO.

Production System is one of the greatest features of AO, and includes five classes: Armor Craftsman, Weapons Craftsman, Tailor, Technician, and Chef.

Armor Craftsman: They can create metal armor for warriors with their craft and rare mineral.

Weapons Craftsman: They can create the best weapons for warriors. It is said that the legendary weapons in Eden were made by them.

Tailors: They can make the gowns for mages and warriors with silk and cloth.

Technicians: They are hot on forging accessories and ornaments which can produce protection attributes while wearing them.

Chef: They can turn food materials into nutritious food which can improve abilities. They also go fishing and collect materials by driving robots.

Characters of the production system have unique mining and forging skills. Players can mine with a robot after learning the mechanism and driving skills. Players who have forging skills can not only forge advanced armor but also create special products by learning cooking and technic skills.

Moreover, the class of the production system will play an important role in the upcoming Totem Battle which is mainly totem defense among guilds. In totem battles, players of the production system may guard their own totem and home by building fortifications or donating products.

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