Angels Online: Raging Reefs and Monsters Overview

Located in the westernmost part of Atlantis, the Raging Reefs are one of the most dangerous areas available to players. It is said that voyagers would make a detour when they passed here, even during the most peaceful times of the Atlantis. After Atlantis had disappeared,everything here became a shrouded in mystery and secrets.
Today, the Angels Online team from IGG is here to give all players a brief introduction to this evil scene.
The west ocean is the end of Atlantis. The water here is so deep that nobody can get to the other end of Atlantis from here. The ocean is covered by a thin mist year in year out. The standing reefs and dangerous whirlpools frighten all but the most grizzled adventurers from even attempting anything but a completely different route around it.
However, it is said that there is an uncountable amount of lost treasure sunk below those crashing waves and kife edged reefs. The treasure sits encased in the broken hulls of ships piloted by foolish and reckless Captains from Atlantis and a dozen other sea faring nations. Groups of adventurers occasionally brave the thrashing wind and the churning ocean to attempt a recovery of some loot, but few ever return…
Players should carefully seek the entrance of the map which is camouflaged by a bushel of seaweed; otherwise, they may miss it. Passing through the seaweed, players will find the large remains of a shipwreck. The between the broken hull and the twisted masts the rotten sailcloth is stretched taught and a lot of unknown underwater monsters can be seen climbing on the surface. How horrible it must be to feel so utterly and completely alone. It will become more and more fearful as players keep moving forward. They may meet Byscher, an adventurer from the Breeze Woods, if they are lucky enough. As an experienced adventurer from Eden, Byscher has done research here for many years. However, his work was disturbed recently by some underwater sharks. If players can do him a favor, he will not be stingy in giving them abundant rewards.
Monsters Overview
Sea Shark: These Sea Sharks possess high attacking abilities and hard shells. They are also very fierce because of their sharp teeth. They are one of the most dangerous monsters you can face in these waters.
Octopus Scholar: They are more aggressive than the Octopus Fish. If someone comes near them, they will become cautious and deadly at once. Many adventurers have been killed by them.
Giant Octopus: These huge monsters possess high melee and long-distance attack abilities. They move very fast. Generally, players are unable to escape and end having to face these tough creatures.
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