Angels Online: Revival of Production Classes

Many brand new items have also been added to Angels Online with the release of new expansion-House Party in May 2009. Thanks to the wonderful Housing System, Production players have taken center stage as they scour the vast landscapes of Eden for rare materials needed to craft popular in-game items. Today the official team will detail more on these classes.
With five distinct production classes available for players to choose from, Angels Online offers players a chance to specialize as an Armor Craftsman, Weapon Craftsman, Tailor, Technician, or Chef. In addition to each unique crafting skill, production classes share the Drive, Mantle, and Mechanism skills. These allow them to operate attractive, useful robot vehicles, increase the load they can carry, and improve their attack and defense. Robots are valuable tools for helping production characters get the most out of their abilities and making travel much easier.
The Armor Craftsman class can forge rare ores into metal armor for warriors. To collect the necessary materials, they use the Collect and Dig skills. A Weapon Craftsman can use Dig or Lumber skills to gather materials for a variety of weapons. Tailors spin silk and cotton into fabulous gowns and stitch together supple armor pieces. Collect and Fishing skills help them stock up on the necessities. Chefs take advantage of the same skills to find ingredients for tasty foods that grant buffs. Technicians use Lumber and Collect skills to harvest what they need to make attribute-boosting ornaments, staves, and robot accessories.
The crown jewel of House Party is the House System. Here, too, production classes are essential, providing players a great selection of houses and furniture. As the amount of must-have equipment and cool novelties they can build continues to grow, production classes play an ever more important role in the game. Whether you need gear, food, or trinkets, they have just what you’re looking for. To get your hands on the fruits of their labors, log in and track down your favorite Angels Online craftsmen today.

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