Angels Online: Skills of Production System Overview

Angels Online (, a new MMORPG from IGG (, prides itself on its’ cute characters and captivating storylines. In order to help alleviate the system stress from all the new players, they will be opening a new branch under Haniel server after this Thursday’s maintenance. Today the AO team is going to give the players more information on the skills of the production system.

Skills of Production System

Weapons Skill: can manufacture Swords, Axes, Spears and Bows

Armor Skill: can manufacture boots, gloves, clothes, caps and shields of Garment and Mantle.

Sew Skill: can manufacture boots, gloves, clothes, mantles and backpacks of Gown.

Technics Skill: can manufacture staffs, decorations, robot parts and fortification.

Cook Skills: can cook food for enhancing the attribute and resistance of attack and defense.

Robot Skills

Mechanism Skill: increases attack by 1, defense by 3 and HP by 3 every level upgrading.

Drive Skill: increases the movement speed of the robot by 50%, Attack by 15, Accuracy by 1 and Agility by 1 every level upgrading.

Garment and Mantle Skills

Garment Skill: slows the shoot, collecting and casting. Increases defense by 4 and weight by 72 every level upgrading.

Mantle Skill: slows the casting. Increases defense by 3, agility by 1 and weight by 60 every level upgrading.

Collecting Skills

Dig Skill: attack+2. It needs Moyle.

Collect Skill: attack+2. It needs gloves.

Lumber Skill: attack+2. It needs axe.

Fishing Skill: attack+2. It needs fishing rod.

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