Angels Online: Sunken Ruins in Atlantis Preview

Located to the south of the Blue Ocean, the Sunken Ruins are always quiet and mysterious. The water temperature is extremely cold here.
Because it is remote, even the warm current which runs through the whole of Atlantis each year doesn’t arrive here. Today, the Angels Online team from IGG is very happy to give a brief introduction to this lonely land of death for all players.

After the splendid city of Atlantis sunk, the Sunken Ruins became am under water ruins in which the broken walls secretly tell such stories about their past resplendence. The murky water makes it difficult to clearly view those destroyed statues. The far-flung seaweed covers the buildings with a green covering and gives a sense of timelessness.

No traces of human presence can be found here, and the monsters here have become very fierce. They are giant and aggressive to everyone nearby.

Rage Shark: These fierce monsters are always ready to attack players nearby. Because of their hard shells, they possess extremely high defense. It is better for players to attack them in a team.

Angel Fish: Their elegance always deludes players. Pay attention! They possess defensive abilities as high as Swordsmen. Their attacking abilities even rival those of Mages.

Bottle Mermaid: Migrating from the Blue Ocean, they are as beautiful as the Angel Fish. However, they are hostile towards strangers because they have lived here alone for such a long time.

In order to rebuild the past resplendence and continue the culture of Atlantis, an exploration team from the Iron Castle has arrived here and to work hard in this terrible environment. At the entrance of the map, there was an explorer called Elite. He has a preliminary understanding about the local creatures and the water situation.
However, he was annoyed by those fierce Rage Sharks. If players help him out when they pass here, Elite will greatly appreciate your efforts.

At the other end of the map, several merchants always hide and collect super equipment made during the glory of Atlantis and now left here. They try manufacturing brand-new weapons with those equipment pieces. It is said that weapons made by them are better than the top ones in Atlantis. Players should work hard if they want to buy a weapon or equipment from them.

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