Angels Online: Thanksgiving Carnival Preview

Angels Online team today announces that a series of dazzling events will be held during this Thanksgiving holiday in order to give back something to all AO players.

Event I: 3X Exp Available
From November 20th until the server maintenance on December 4th, all items with the 2x exp effects such as Double Exp Cards (30 minutes), Double Skill Exp Cards (30 minutes), and Pet’s Double Exp Cards (30 minutes) will deliver a 3x exp effect.

Event II: Top Experience contest
Event Duration
9:00pm November 20th– 9:00pm November 30th EST (GMT-5)

Event Targets: All characters created from the 9:00pm November 20th– 9:00pm November 30th are qualified to take part in this event.

Event Rules
1. During the event, Qualified players should work hard and level up fast. If they are in the top 20 with the most exp in their servers, they will obtain abundant rewards from the officials.

Event III: Pet PK Turkeys
Turkeys in the Angel Lyceum are known far and wide for their delicious taste. Did you also hear about their power? See how well your pet can do in battle with these famous turkeys and win abundant rewards! We will be holding a “Pets PK Turkeys” event to offer all players the chance to show off their pets’ abilities and celebrate Thanksgiving. Feed your pets and then join us for battle! We’re waiting for you!

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