Angels Online: Wave Harbor Preview

Today, the Angels Online team is giving a brief introduction to Wave Harbor, a new scene for the “Lost Atlantis” expansion.

Wave Harbor is located to the south of Palm Base. Passing through the tropical coco trees and along the endless golden beaches, players will arrive in this mysterious sea area. Because Wave Harbor is a shallow sea along the coast which connects with the mainland, many players choose this place to train their diving skill.

As a small sea connecting the ocean and the mainland, and affected by the warm current from the east, the water temperature here is very comfortable all year round. What’s more, huge creatures such as sharks are unable to come here because of the reefs. So all creatures, whether big or small can enjoy a comfortable life here.

The comfortable weather not only fosters great schools of fish but also a flourishing underwater oasis of marine plant life. Production players may find themselves busy for days if they come and collect materials here. For example, Bloody Alga is a common herb which is necessary to manufacture potions or items with attributes. Many Production players work hard in Eden to try and get some rare Wanderer Den. However, Wanderer Den can be found everywhere in Wave Harbor.

Not everything in Wave Harbor is calm, peaceful and relaxing. Because of the special frame of Atlantis and the rocks that dot this shallow sea, it is not as peaceful as it seems. Many ships have been known to knock into the reefs and leave their scattered remains just below the crashing waves.

There is an explorer called Eye Eric in the top right corner of the map. He has lived here for a long time, but now finds himself trapped by a group of Mermaids. Eric may ask Level 75+ players for help, and players can obtain abundant rewards by defeating the Mermaids and rescuing him. If players would like to enhance their rank, it is a good idea for them to accept the quest repeatedly.

Apart from the Mermaids, there is a group of evil, fierce Scale Fish covered in thick scales. These scales give them high defensive abilities. Be careful! The deadly spell attacks from the “gentle” Bal Jellyfish may hurt players as well!

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