Angles online: Card Collection Quest

The Card Collection Quest System is one of the most popular systems in Angle Online. This system was introduced as a way for players to break from monster killing and have some fun on the side. The cards that fall from monsters provide extra quests, with players earning rich rewards after completing them. These rewards could be high- level golden equipment, jewelry and weapons. Check out the quests below to find out more.
The system will release General Monster Cards, Special Monster Cards, Equipment Cards and so on. Players can collect different cards to create a Card Set, then exchange them for equipment, or items they need. They can also use the Card Collection function to share cards with other players.
Quest I.  Lucid Material
Description: Get rare materials from the Bishop of Mythic City and Effective Goblin
Crystal of Bishop 0/ 1
Wings of Effective Goblin 20/20
Bishop is a BOSS in Hell Palace. Because of his high level, players must build a team to fight with him. Each time they fight him, players will have a chance to get the fallen Card Quest.
Note: A full team will be able to easily defeat the Bishop, but the more players that are in a team, the lower the chance to obtain the Quest Crystal.
Effective Goblins are the most common monsters in the Underground Instance. The rate to obtain fallen Quest items is higher, and also players will complete the quest more easily.
Quest II.  Level 30 Classical Robot Quest
The Gebuer Vale Quest states that 4 cards can be redeemed for a Level 30 Cute Robot: Koala or Penguin Robot. These Robots’ attributes are equal to Level 40 Robots from the store.
First, players must defeat the Gebuer Cadres to obtain their cards. The Gebuer Cadres live together, so players should have no problem finding and defeating them. Second, the Spy Lude Quest must be completed. This quest is easy and players only need to exchange a Copper Badge for a card.  Defeat the little BOSS to get the copper badge, and then exchange with NPC Spy Lude in the Gebuer Vale.
The Rotten Bird Card can be obtained by defeating the Rotten Bird, and it is easier to obtain than the Gebuer Cadres’ due to its high drop rate. Players must make sure they defeat two Rotten Birds to get a Giant Rotten Bird Card, which can be exchanged for a Rotten Bird Card. The exchange NPC is a Myth Scholar from Burning Desert.

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