Animazement from the Eyes of a Cosplayer


Animazement is a North Carolina based convention that I’ve attended a few times as Tuxedo Mask. Don’t judge me. I can feel it. Stop it.. stop it.. There we go. I received press passes from the convention which thrilled me, but I sadly could not make it! But I had an idea, a better idea.  I have friends in the cosplay community here, who wanted badly to go, but could not secure tickets. So I sent them in my stead, to gather photographs, and give me their thoughts on what a con is like around here for the cosplayers. Much love to SoniCat Cosplay for taking up my gauge, and going forth! I greatly appreciate the assist. So anyone reading this should absolutely take a look at their work, because it’s incredible. And straight from the mouths of babes, if you’ll pardon the expression, is Animazement:

“One of the best parts of Animazement is the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This is a cosplayers dream. Amidst all the talk of cosplay and consent, Animazement is a very safe convention, where attendees can feel relaxed and just enjoy themselves. The con staff works very hard to ensure there is a pleasant environment, and any suspected cases of harassment are taken very seriously. Con staff are also very readily available, should any problems arise.

Animazement also does a really great job of arranging the schedule so that there are periods of downtime between big events. This is absolutely crucial for costume changes. Corsets and heels are not the most friendly wardrobe pieces, and it is extremely convenient to be able to go change without the fear of missing key events. Which brings up the next point, hotel proximity. There are several hotels and eating establishments within a couple minutes walk of the convention. This is great for carrying big props, or cumbersome armor. Parking is also convenient, and there are several close decks which are accessible during the con. However, be prepared to spend some money if you stay off-site. At seven dollars per entry, things can get expensive if you leave and return.

The convention is really great because of the amount of photographers available, and that the scenery of the convention center itself, along with the surrounding areas lend themselves very well to getting great shots. There are a lot of urban settings, but there is also a outdoor amphitheater, as well as artistic structures that are really great for photographs. It may be called Animazement but it’s more than just anime. Comics, Video Games, Celebrities, Disney Films, Memes, everything is here!

There are negatives though. The escalators are dreadfully out of service, and constantly breakdown. It’s a non-stop struggle to find out if you wait or climb. It is nearly impossible to navigate the dealers room in cosplay, especially with big props. Which means they have a large amount of vendors in the space, which is good, but you also run the risk of breaking your props. Also, cosplayers need to read the weapons and props policy very carefully, because they are super strict about certain props. It’s all in the name of safety, but they will send you outside if you break the rules.”


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