Anime Expo 2012 OnRPG/MMOHuts Recap Part 2

Anime Expo 2012 OnRPG/MMOHuts Recap Part 2

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-in-Chief


Don’t miss part 1 here!


It was about 11am and time to meet up with Kitty Mach and NGMoco to look at some new MMO apps in the works. I swear every convention I visit more and more companies are going the way of the Ipad. I never thought there would be a direct competitor to the PC MMORPG but give technology another year and that’s the reality we’re going to see.


I think this unhappy looking fellow is Cloud but feel free to correct me or confirm it!


I’ve seen this combo plenty of times but can’t identify it. Who are they?


Name that duelist!


Kitty Mach finally appeared in full Tifa cosplay to interview the team at NGMoco. Keep an eye out for our upcoming video interview!


2 out of 3 bystanders approved


It isn’t an anime expo without Kingdom Hearts


Your guess is as good as ours but let’s see what you’ve got. Name her!


Toothless and Okami are an odd combo but mad props for pulling off the 4 limb standing set-up


Here’s an easy one for you guys. Name this crew!


Is this an Asian Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter or some kind of steampunk cosplay? I haven’t a clue.


Massive Props to whoever knows what this guy is going as


Name those bunny girls!


My first thought was this has a Legend of Zelda theme to it. If you know exactly who she is let us know.



My guess is Tekken but give your best shot naming Bowen’s mystery fighter girl!


On the way to Red 5 Studio’s new FireFall tour bus we tripped over a Left 4 Dead Witch. Thankfully zombie control was on the scene.



Around noon we hit up the Red 5 Studios Firefall tour bus and to say I was impressed would be a huge understatement. They have over 40 top of the line PC rigs set up inside with a dedicated server and shoutcasting booth all built into this massive metallic tour bus designed to take Firefall on the road around the US this summer. Keep an eye out for an upcoming video of Kitty Mach’s first experience with Firefall!


Next on the agenda we took Kitty on tour interviewing a ton of awesome cosplayers from around the convention


Firefall was completely outgunned by this epic cannon girl team


Kitty Mach nearly fell over trying to hold Thor girl’s epic hammer


From the freaky to the kawaii. I can’t name either of them so give it a shot!


Name these sexy witches!


Here’s an easy one to guess.


What the movie has only been out 2 weeks? No problem at Anime Expo.


That’s it for part 2! Check out part 3 for a preview of our Koihime Musou and Elsword professional cosplay team interviews as well as plenty more completely over the top cosplay costumes!



Kitty Mach Bonus Pics Part 2!




Kitty Mach brings all the Clouds to the Yard


It’s like she blocked the picture with her mind



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