APB Developer In Deep Trouble?

APB Developer In Deep Trouble?


Remember last month, when the whole world was still extremely excited about All Points Bulletin and the sky was the limit for its RealTime Worlds? Well things are very different now.


Rumours have reached the OnRPG team that RealTime Worlds has laid off as many as 60 employees that were working on their only recently announced Project MyWorld. Since they were given notice 30 days ago, and announced the project roughly 14 days ago it seems they already knew the project would not actually go live.


Rest In Peace All Points Bulletin?

VG247 poster ‘Massiveslag’ seems to have insider information as he posts:


“I can confirm this. As of 11:30 GMT Realtime Worlds have put a large proportion on their workforce on gardening leave ranging from 4-8 weeks. It’s rumoured APB’s staff will be reduced to admin and a skeleton staff of devs and artists to keep it running and do general updates, but this looks like the end of RTW.”

Another sad message in the MMO space but also another sign that confirms what OnRPG readers have known for years: Free To Play is THE way to go for MMO’s!


If this rumour turns out to be true the OnRPG staff would like to wish the laid off RTW employees all the best!


Source: VG247


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