April 23rd Update: PvP and new special pets!

A very important update is coming on next April 23rd.
Now that you are powerful enough, time has come for challenges and we introduce the PvP mode in DOMO with dedicated arenas and different combat modes!

We will add to the item shop also the following new items:

  • Dedicated PvP items such as
    • the PvP card gift box which randomly grants you a PvP card to get special bonuses
    • the Competition VIP card that doubles the honor points gained in PvP mode
  •  Hair colors: it’s time to change your look in the mirror: brown, green, light yellow, crimson, blue, violet
  • Warehouse lease contract that add 100 spaces to warehouse
  • Three tiny cats (these ornamental pets are for your company only and are not able to fight): you will find them in special gift boxes (Little Black Cat Gift Box, Little Mottled Cat Gift Box and Tabby Cat Gift Box).
  • You will be happy to have a try with the Weapon Upgrade tickets and scrolls that can improve both physical and magical power of your weapon.

Beside these updates we have prepared you a unique gift: new special pets are coming to town!!! Collect them all!

All these new contents will be added to DOMO during the weekly patch on April 23rd.

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