April 30th Update: Voodoo and permanent items are coming to Eversun!

One more update for your entertainment will be released to close the month of April!
New items will be available in the shop to help you during your adventures and to change your look.

The game new items are:

    • Hurricane pill that increases movement speed for 10 minutes.
    • Giant pill that increases your size for 10 minutes.
    • Lilliput pill that decreases your size for 10 minutes.
    • Major Health Booster to increase maximum HP by 1000 for 10 minutes.
    • Major Magic Booster to increase maximum MP by 600 for 10 minutes.
  • The mysterious Scapegoat Doll that brings you to the dark side of voodoo power. The doll will restore all your HP and die instead of you when your HP reach zero. Sorcery can be useful sometimes…


  • Large Emperor Saber Fireworks that make the shape of the Emperor Saber in the sky when exploding. Useful to set up a rally point or just celebrate!

The cosmetic items are:

  •  New special Hair colors: black and white
  • White Butterfly Ribbon and Beautiful Butterfly Ribbon

Last but not least two new goodie bags (one for male and one for females characters) have been designed for you! Among all the items that are in it and that you can get randomly now there is also permanent costumes! But remember the goodie bags will be on sale only for three weeks… thanks to these goodie bags now you have the chance to get the costume for a very good price! However, after this period of three weeks, the permanent costumes will be sold separately also for another week for all the guys that will not be lucky enough to get them from the goodie bags.
These new items will be added to DOMO during the weekly patch on April 30th

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