AQ Worlds Hosts ArcAttack Event This Friday

Adventure Quest Worlds Hosts ArcAttack Event This Friday




Artix Entertainment announced that it will be hosting an in-game event featuring the music-and-lightning band ArcAttack this Friday, July 22nd at 7 PM EDT in the hit MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds.



ArcAttack is a musical band that does live electronic rock performances using traditional musical instruments including a guitar and bass as well as two Singing Tesla Coils (devices used as musical instruments that emit sound and electricity). One member of the band wears a Faraday Suit (a mesh suit that allows the wearer to work with live high-voltage electricity without the risk of electrocution) and touches the lightning coming off the Singing Tesla Coils, directing it in different directions.



In AdventureQuest Worlds this Friday, all the members of ArcAttack are being held hostage by Vordred, an ultra-powerful boss bent on turning the entire world undead. Vordred is forcing ArcAttack to use their Singing Tesla Coils to charge him up into an even more powerful form. It will be up to the player to interfere with Vordred’s plan before he becomes unstoppable. But this will be very dangerous. If Vordred senses something going wrong with the experiment, he will destroy everyone.


The event will feature lots of electricity, all-new zones, quests, cut-scenes, and Event Rare items including armors, weapons, helms, and pets! Each new zone will play ArcAttack’s music. This event will become a permanent in-game content, but the rare items will only be available for two weeks.


AdventureQuest Worlds needs your help! No matter your age or level, everyone is invited to attend this very special event and stop Vordred.


WHAT: ArcAttack Musical Event


WHEN: Friday, July 22nd, 2011 @ 7 PM (EDT)


WHO: ArcAttack, the AE Team, & YOU!


WHY: To stop Vordred from using ArcAttack’s Singing Tesla Coils to charge up into an unstoppable form.


WHERE: In-game at

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