AQ Worlds To Celebrate 3rd Birthday with Style

Adventure Quest Worlds to Celebrate 3rd Birthday with Style




Artix Entertainment today announced that it is teaming up with two-time Grammy Award winner alternative rock band They Might Be Giants to celebrate the third birthday of the hit MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds on Friday, October 14th at 6 PM EDT.



This Birthday Event will take players on an adventure unlike any other they previously enjoyed in AdventureQuest Worlds.  In fact, the event will be too big for one week, so the first half of the event will be released on October 14th, and then the epic adventure will continue with the second half of the storyline released the following Friday on October 21st.



This event is titled “The Collector” and will feature an epically bizarre new storyline with evil aliens, clones, dinosaurs and other oddities. The AQWorlds team is preparing to release new zones, quests, bosses, Event Rare items including armors, weapons, helms, back items, pets, house items, at least one new house, and cut-scenes with voice acting by They Might Be Giants as well as the Artix Entertainment staff. Each new zone will play a They Might Be Giants song, and the band is even recording new, never-before-heard songs specifically for the AdventureQuest Worlds 3rd Birthday Event!



Brooklyn’s alternative rock pioneers They Might Be Giants have sold four million records worldwide and won two Grammy Awards: one for their theme to Malcolm in the Middle™ and the children’s album Here Come the 123s.  They Might Be Giants’ songs appeared on numerous television programs and films such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart™ and Drinky Crow Show™ as well as movies Coraline™ and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me™.

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