AQ Worlds to End Doomwood Series This Friday!

AQ Worlds to end Doomwood series this Friday!



Artix Entertainment invites all its players to participate in the epic finale of one of the most highly talked about storylines of AdventureQuest Worlds this Friday, July 29th, at 7 PM EDT.


AdventureQuest Worlds is an MMORPG and Artix Entertainment’s most popular game. Just like AE’s five other games, it releases new content every Friday.  So far, there have been 120 releases!


At the beginning of summer, the AQWorlds team began the storyline of Doomwood, the forest of the undead. The first piece of the zone was released on May 27th, 2011 with subsequent weekly releases revealing additional pieces of the zone and continuing the epic storyline.


The story of Doomwood began with a massive undead army invasion. The undead had already destroyed all but one of the towns in Doomwood and were preparing to attack the last one.  It was up to the players to save the last city and find out who was behind the attack.


Players quickly figured out that Vordred, a very powerful undead boss bent on turning the entire world undead, was responsible for the attack. Many brave paladins (whose magic deals devastating amounts of damage against the undead) went to battle against Vordred but never came back. The players discovered that Vordred was a Paladin Slayer and was immune to paladin magic.


But AQWorlds players aren’t known to give up on anything. They were determined to try to find a way to defeat Vordred, even without the paladins. Over the next several weeks they battled their way through the Chopping Maul (a shopping mall for the undead), infiltrated their way into the Tower of Necromancy, posed as students at Necromancer U (the only place that teaches how to control the undead), and freed a dracolich (an undead dragon) in an attempt to discover Vordred’s secret weakness.



But nothing helped and all the players found out was that Vordred didn’t have a weakness.


Two weeks ago:

Vordred invaded the undead city of Shadowfall and attempted to steal a massive army of undead.


One week ago:

Having failed to acquire an army, Vordred decided instead to make his body more powerful. He took the members of the band ArcAttack hostage and forced them to use their Singing Tesla Coils to charge him up into an even more powerful form. The players found out about the plan and tried to screw up the experiment, but accidentally charged Vordred even more, making him a lot more powerful.


This Friday:

Log in to AQWorlds this Friday at 7 PM EDT to find out what happens in the riveting conclusion to this summer’s Doomwood storyline.

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