ArcheAge: 3rd closed beta coming soon


Publisher Trion Worlds and developer XLGAMES have concluded the second Closed Beta Event for its long-awaited MMORPG adventure ArcheAge to great success. Additionally, they’ve announced the next Closed Beta period for the game will begin at 6pm BST next Thursday, August 14th and run through Monday, August 18th at 6pm BST. Growing in size, this Closed Beta Event will double the amount of invites to those who signed up on the website and increase the amount of servers.

For more info, visit,2P6VR,6W0EWT,9UNW8,1

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  • Lenius LeX

    From what i see on youtube, i think IM in love :)) . This game is great and have all i want in it. I hope to be on the invitation list 🙂 . Good luck guys!