Archlord Episode IV

Episode IV introduces the 9th class to ArchLord and the 3rd class to the Moon Elf race. With this class the Moon Elf race now has a complete compliment of classes alongside the Human and Orc races:
– Magic – Elementalist
– Ranged – Ranger
– Melee – Swashbuckler
Founded after a great war with the Orcs and a difficult conflict with the Vampire Lord, the Swashbuckler came to be the front line force of the Moon Elves, always there to stand firm against the darkness that sought to destroy Chantra.
As a close range combatant wielding two swords, the elegant and agile Swashbuckler is able to inflict great damage on their enemies, whilst also dodging incoming attacks with ease.
Using a number of unique skills the Swashbuckler is able to maximise their damage by working in conjunction with other classes, chaining their skills together magnifying the effect of each skill within the chain.
Acrobatic Charge
After years of training the Swashbuckler has complete control over every movement they make. Through careful placement of their feet they are able to quickly cover the distance to an opponent. The force generated by this movement causes damage to all enemies within the Swashbuckler’s line of movement.
– Physical damage to all enemies in a straight line and reduces opponent’s movement speed for a short period of time
– If the Swashbuckler is invisible when they initiate this attack the damage and duration are increased
Breaking Arms
Utilising their dual weapon training with a Sword Breaker in their left hand, a Swashbuckler is able to hit their opponent’s right hand, inflicting damage and decreasing the opponent’s ability to use their weapon correctly.
– Close-range attack causing physical damage and decreasing opponent’s attack speed
– Damage and effect of Breaking Arms is increased if used on an opponent suffering from the effect of Acrobatic Charge
Cross Skirmish
A careful manoeuvre where a Swashbuckler stabs forward at their opponent’s head using the sword in their right hand, stepping forward with the left foot and then swiping across the opponent’s stomach with a Sword Breaker in their left hand.
– Close-range attack causing fire damage and increasing the amount of time required to cast a skill for the opponent
– Damage and effect of Cross Skirmish is increased if used on an opponent suffering from the effect of Breaking Arms
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