Arctic Combat Coming to the Global Market in 2012

Arctic Combat Coming to the Global Market in 2012



WEBZEN Inc. has brought out the big guns today, revealing that their official global website for Arctic Combat will be live on February 9th and offering us a teaser trailer of things to come. This newly released trailer shows in-game features such as main firearms and types of new weaponry. It also shows strategic fire support, such as ‘helicopter support’ and ‘bombardment’, and tactical assets such as flamethrowers, UAVs, and rocket launchers.

Arctic Combat is based on a story of national conflict between two forces, the ‘AF’ and ‘RSA’, caused by a resource dispute in the arctic territory. The conflict between the AF, led by USA, and RSA, led by Russia, resulted in the world being divided into two. The world was headed into annihilation which could only be called as the beginning of World War III.



In Arctic Combat, the optimized game engine allows low specification users to play while keeping the realistic effects high, such as corpse damage gore mode, for those seeking true scarring from the battlefield. Also the modern weapons and real life like maps add to the excitement.



Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN, said, “ARCTIC COMBAT, follows basic FPS game elements, with added distinctive and strategic elements that rejects repetition that are in other games.” also he said, “We are planning a full-fledged service schedule for global users starting with the CBT in the first half of this year.”

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