Are Games “Too Easy” Now?


Back in my day. . .

Every video game was hard. It didn’t matter what console it was on, they were all impossibly difficult. There was no Internet to consult, and any hints or tips cost money: Books, VHS, Nintendo Power, GamePro, none of it was free. And as someone who primarily played games involving heavy exploration, and roleplaying games, every game felt like a soul-crippling challenge. Dragon Warrior, Blaster Master, Final Fantasy, Chrystalis, Ninja Gaiden 2, the list just goes on and on. Most RPGs back in those days really required you to talk to everyone and explore, experiment, and just find your own way, even if it was linear. You had no idea where the Edrick’s items were. How the hell were you supposed to know to search in one of the swamps where you take damage?! I sure didn’t for a long time! I had to literally talk to everyone, and that wasn’t enough. And for Final Fantasy for example, if you don’t want to suffer, you talk to everyone in every town and maybe break it up with some grinding.

Nowadays though, the information is literally everywhere. You can go to Gamefaqs, or simply google, or whatever search engine you want. Games just. . . feel easier now. But with the Souls craze hitting the web, those types of insanely challenging games might be coming back. I don’t know though; I feel like most games are easy now, thanks to ease of access of information. Even with Nintendo Power, that wasn’t enough! Most games I wanted to work on simply weren’t covered. You were at someone elses’s mercy. There were no Let’s Play channels or any of that stuff. You had to either get good, or don’t play. What do you guys think though? Are games “too easy” now? Can you think of a good, modern RPG that has that sort of old-school level of difficulty?

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  • Charles Perez
    • Ragachak

      Honestly? I love Furi. I did an editorial on it.

  • DizzyPW

    Evoland II, though very retro in presentation, is a modern game trying to capture that level of old school difficulty. With puzzle solving that literally spans the ages, a wide array of hero abilities with unexpected interactions that solve puzzles, and boss battles that never feel the same, you are constantly challenged from beginning to end.

    I highly recommend those chasing the old school challenge to give it a look.

    Oh that’s random. It’s on sale for $5 for the next 2 days.

  • Jestra

    I’ve felt this way for quite a while now, it’s why I started playing the souls games, I was the person though that had a strategy guide for every final fantasy game I had, it brings back memories of sitting there reading them when I had to share the TV. I also feel a big reason for the lower difficulty of games is because they’re more refined now when a lot of the reasons games were mind numbingly difficult was because how bad the game play controls and mechanics were

  • Colton Leighton

    I think it’s less about games not being as difficult but more that we have grown and our hand eye coordination has improved. This combined with what someone else was saying in that a lot of games were harder back then because of poor hit detection and wonky mechanics because gaming was a new medium. That said, there are a lot of games from my childhood where I could never get past a certain level and now when I go back to them I demolish them. I think age and skill play a bigger factor than maybe we give due.