Are women in MMO more hardcore and more ‘bisexual’?

A study reported by BBC website shows some curious stats about MMO players and genre prevalence:

Despite gaming being seen as a male activity, female players now make up about 40% of the gaming population.
The study looked at gender differences in more than 2,400 gamers playing EverQuest II.

The results showed that, although more of the players were male, it was the female players who were the most dedicated players, spending more time each day playing the game than their male counterparts.

The pressure to conform to traditional gender roles might mean that some women are put off activities seen as “masculine”, whereas women who reject traditional gender roles might be more likely to play MMOs such as EverQuest II. Perhaps in support of this the survey revealed an unusually high level of bisexuality among the women who took part in the study – over five times higher than the general population.

Another unexpected finding was that the online game players – particularly the women – were healthier than the general population, though this was drawn from self-reported levels of exercise and body mass index.

The study also found that men and women played computer games for different reasons, with men more likely to play to win and women more likely to play for social reasons.

Furthermore, a high proportion of women reported playing the game with their romantic partner, supporting the idea that game playing is becoming an increasingly sociable activity. The researchers say that this trend is reflected in patterns of general computer and internet use.

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