Ascent: The Space Game 60% Funded, Introduces New Space Station Design

Ascent New Station

With 11 days to go, the space MMO *Ascent: The Space Game* has now reached 60 percent in funding — $21,291 out of $35,000 (Australian dollars).

Developed by James Hicks and Chris Mitchell of Fluffy Kitten Studios, Ascent offers unprecedented depth and scale for an independent game—with 270 billion star systems, ship customization, colonies, asteroid mining, player-driven voting system, trade, and much more. To date, the developers have spent more than $70,000 out of pocket to fund the project.

(Yes, this is a space MMO developed by 2 guys [only 1 programmer] for well under $100,000!)

A redesigned space station has also now been added to the game! You can see it above, and get a comparison in the gallery here. Along with redesigned ships, the new space station is a great example of the work done by George Karandais. Reaching the Kickstarter goal will allow Fluffy Kitten to hire George full-time to revamp all the graphics/art in Ascent.

You can find the game on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.

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  • This has been developed by two people? I say no! It is continually developed by all us players! We are so much a part of the game development and design. We need help! The depth of play is so deep and immense, but it needs more eye candy for those who think it has to look flashy. The Kickstarter is really important to the future development of this game. Help us show that a person with a vision can out create others with millions! Help us get the word out to others who understand that depth of play is so much more important than flashy videos of non existant games.