Asda Story: Major Update Announced

San Jose-based online game publisher, announced today that it has launched a major update to its popular 3D MMORPG, Asda Story. The update includes the arrival of a new Soul Guardian System, a new Pet Evolution System and much more. Asda Story is available to download.
“We are very excited to launch the new update to Asda Story,” said Jiwoo Park, Producer of Asda Story at  “The community is sure to enjoy all of the added features we’ve included, especially the new Soul Guardian System and Pet Evolution System.”
The update includes all of the following features:
Soul Guardian System
Mighty Soul Guardians have arrived in Asda Story to help their owners dominate on the battlefields. Players can power up their class-specific Soul Guardian by using their character’s skills and abilities in combat and unleash powerful Soul Guardian attacks on their enemies.
The Pet Evolution System
Pets are now able to evolve past their current level limitations and become more powerful than ever before. Players can merge three max level pets into one deadly evolved pet which will allow them to personalize their appearance and gain the stats directly targeted towards their character’s chosen skill tree.
Dogi Archer Pet
To accompany the new Pet Evolution system, the new Dogi pet has been added with Archer-focused stats. Players can use the new Pet Evolution system to select the specific skill tree for their pet, such as Bow, Crossbow or Ballista for the adorable new Dogi pet. Their appearance and stats will alter to match and provide their character with the bonuses they need.
18 New Monster Killing Titles
Eighteen new titles have also been added to the game to mark player accomplishments in killing certain numbers of the various monster types and bosses across all regular Field Maps, Elite Fields and dungeons. Players can get ahead in the Title Competition by hunting down and collecting tokens from the targeted monsters around the world of Asda Story, then turn extra tokens collected into useful Ultimate and Mystic Crystals for crafting.

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