Asda Story Returns for Open Beta

"Maximizing Skill Qualities, Open Beta Service Dec. 6th."

‘Soulmates vs. Solos vs. Parties’
Seoul, Korea – December 4, 2007 – Soulmates are ready again to enhance Party system. Parties are ready to kill monsters. Solos are ready to be unique and lead Asda Story. No Twins in the game to get down with.
Huge difference from CBT was developed by MaxOn Soft Corp.

  • There are Specified Skills for all of the characters
  • Collecting Unique Optional Item Sets
  • New 5 Maps with New Goals
  • Enchanting all Armories and Sowels
  • Faster Transportation
  • Digging.

For Open Beta Service, we arranged data to specify one’s characteristics among different jobs. There will be no changes in the base settings, but in long term, we adjusted to bring up characters’ potential skills 100%. Items with options were added that users can find many different sets of unique items with purposes. For example, there will be healers costume set which will provide extra healing points to increase healing. Users can collect them and use them when needed. For more details and images, you can find out at our website
Among each job, Asda Story is created to play as a solo. We also tried to distinguish most from each jobs’ characteristics. In addition to solo playing you can play the game as a party play, we wanted users to play as a party system with buffs, sharing, healing, and finishing blow to have extra effects than playing solo. For Open Beta Test, we are arranging data to specify one’s characteristics among different jobs. There will be no changes in the base settings, but in long term, we would like to bring up characters’ potential skills 100%. For example, one hand warriors will have some changing in their Skill trees. Now you can customize your own Characters
For more excitement at Open Beta Test, We are going to add extra 5 maps. Each map will have stronger boss monsters. For now, I would like to explain a few unique elite field maps. Elite field maps are like regular Alpen, Rain River, and Silaris, however users can feel the intensiveness of Instance Dungeons like Queen’s Palace and Castle of Chess. The difference from regular field is that maps are not a wide open type. Like Instance Dungeon, roads are connected like a maze. Front view and back view are distinguished from each other to feel like actually moving forward. Monsters are strong that they are hard to be taken out by solo. There should be 3 or 4 players in a party to kill the monsters. (Also, there will be a map for solo playing called Sun Beach added to it like the map, Conquest.)
Sweet 3D MMORPG Asda Story will start its Open Beta on 6h of December, 2007. Based on a colorful, bright, and cheerful world, it is an easy game where monsters with powerful individualities. Lots of female users would be treated awesome and can have great tastes of this comfortable game easily.
Asda Story is very appealing to female users because of unique Soulmate System. We had lots of female users in CBT, and all of them are coming back to play OBT of Asda Story. Among Soulmates, healing, summoning, resurrecting, sharing attack or defense points were most popular. No girls were playing alone. This is very casual game to satisfy both sexes.
Casual users can be satisfied from constructing special and great skill trees or hard core users can be satisfied from expanding limitless item slots to create their own characters with various skills. Come and play Asda Story which can provide lots freedom in the game on 6th of December, 2007.

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