Asda Story to Close Service in August

Asda Story to Shut Down Servers




Yesterday Games Campus announced the upcoming closure of Asda Story, a long running staple of the company for over 3 years. Though they had originally planned to keep this running in conjunction with the recently released Asda 2, financial and developmental issues compounded due to the closure of Asda in the Korean and Japanese servers.



The game servers will be closing down on August 1st. The cash shop is also closed as of last night. Of course if you are a current Asda player, things are about to get fun! Multiple events, giveaways, and 10x experience await you in the final month of Asda’s servers. There are also planned incentives for current Asda players to give them a leg up should they decide to move on to Asda Story 2. OnRPG will bring more details on this in the coming weeks as it is announced.

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