Ashes of Creation Rethinks the MMO Grouping Paradigm

Ashes of Creation - Augments

One of the most important parts of any MMO is “group mechanics”. It’s especially challenging in more open-form MMOs that do offer more customization in their classes. Ashes of Creation has been carefully considering what they’re going to do with their classes. They will have the obvious tropes of Tank, DPS and Support, though are adamantly against forcing their players to just play one way. So if they’re a tank they can only do “this” and nothing else. That’s where the Augment system comes into play. Players will be able to pick from a variety of Augments for their role, to fully customize how they want to be used in a group setting. Whether it’s a DPS who wants to create weaknesses for their allies to exploit, or to become an invincible wall to prevent damage from getting through, the choice is ultimately yours.

You can find further details at their blog, located here.

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