Assemble your armor as you like!

Age of Armor- Assemble your armor as you like!
This is a world for armor; this is a world for fight; this is a world for conquest. And you may be the king of this world.
In Age of Armor, there are many sets of armor, such as Observer, Explorer, Confessor, Huge Lizard, Catamountain, Leopard, Life, Soul, Star, etc. Each of them has different functions and advantages. But what is more important is that there is no limitation for you to assemble your armor yourself. You can assemble the armor as you like, as the armor has many components for you to choose. You can choose any part you want, and create a unique armor of yourself. The higher your level is, the stronger armor you need. Stronger armor can help its driver to be more powerful. With stronger armor, you may be the winner of a duel; with stronger armor, you may beat all your enemies down when you are in a siege war.
You can feel the power when you are driving your armor; it makes you eager to fight, and to conquer the city, the planet, even the universe. You can think about it, and you can get about to preparing, because it is your armor. Just go with your armor and create your own zone!
The 2nd round of Age of Armor closed beta will start on 15th of August.
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