Atlantica: major update!

NDOORS Interactive, creators of the strategic turn-based MMORPG, Atlantica Online, today released a major update for the award-winning title. The update adds several new features, including two new main character classes – Musician and Maniac. These new features and classes will enhance the player’s journey through time and history in their quest to find the lost land of Atlantis.

The majority of the new content will be accessible to all players immediately, while some of the new features will only be available to players who have reached level 100.
The major content updates include:

Two New Main Character Classes
Head out into the world with the new classes and get your hands on some unusual gear: a guitar or a power saw. The Musician wields a guitar, which can be selected by any player, new or ongoing. Specializing in long-range combat, the Musician attacks by playing music that strikes two enemies in a line. Its magic attack, the Ravaging Melody, depletes enemies’ attack power, defense, and health, and aids your mercenaries’ attacks. When they attack, they utilize moves that would make Angus Young envious.

The second new class is the Maniac, and he/she brandishes a power saw. Only players at level 100 can create a main character using the power saw, although that character will have to start anew at level 1. The Maniac’s attack hits all enemies in a row, and has a magic cast called Storm Blast.

New Mercenary
The Elementalist is a new, Class B magic mercenary that can be recruited in North America after you reach level 100. When upgraded, the Elementalist becomes the legendary Native American, Pocahontas.

New Dungeons

Now offering even more locations, Atlantica boasts a handful of new dungeons including Alcatraz Prison, which can only be accessed by nations. Additionally, the Valley of Oblivion, also in North America, can only be accessed by guilds, and is the route players must take to acquire the Elementalist. There are also new side quest dungeons based in China.

Celebrate Your Character’s Individuality

Not only will your character now have three new options for hairstyles (the long wave, the afro, and the rasta), your main character will now receive a present on his or her in-game birthday.

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