Atlantica Online to Be Published in Thailand

NDOORS today announced that a deal has been signed to publish their popular MMORPG title Atlantica Online in Thailand through a partnership with Southeast Asia’s number one online game provider, AsiaSoft.
In less than a year Atlantica Online has successfully expanded from Korea into North America, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and now Thailand. The game is in open beta in mainland China as well.
“When we developed Atlantica Online, we knew we would be bringing the game to the global market and we took that into consideration in many of our design choices,” said Peter Kang, CEO, NDOORS Interactive. “That strategy is paying off for us as we see more and more new players from different countries embracing the game and enjoying the online experience.”
AsiaSoft is the largest provider of MMORPG games and services in Southeast Asia and was the first company to bring an MMORPG to Thailand. Their expertise in the space will ensure a smooth launch for Atlantica Online in the new territory.
Recognized as one of the best free-to-play MMORPGs, Atlantica Online has received critical acclaim for its quality, accessibility, and entertainment value. Atlantica features a unique turn-based fighting system and takes players on a journey around the world through mystical and historical lore. The recently announced addition of the Titan Server enables interaction among players from all Atlantica servers, creating the first true test to determine the best of the best.
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