Aurora Blade: AFK System Overview

Aurora Blade always prides itself on its distinct systems. Today, the Aurora Blade team from IGG was very happy to briefly introduce the AFK system for all players.

The AFK system in Aurora Blade offers your character a greater chance of leveling even if you are away from your keyboard. Talk to the “Hotel Attendant” in the Dak of any of the cities to have a rest. It gives you double exp scope which will help you to obtain double exp while killing monsters. The higher the character level, the more double exp you will obtain.

What’s more, you can talk to the Priest in any of the churches to enter the Temple and have a rest there. Doing so will give your trinket a chance to directly obtain exp. The higher the level of your trinket, the more exp it will obtain.
Pay attention. The character should be online when it is resting in the Dak or the Temple; otherwise, it will not obtain any exp.

Aurora Blade is the first browser-based 2D RPG brought to you by IGG and distinguishes itself as a simple yet exciting game with immersive storylines for players of all ages and skill levels.

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