Aurora Blade: Brand Spanking new PK System introduced

Get ready for the most intense PK action ever as the Aurora Blade team from IGG prepares to release their brand spanking new PK system. Once the system is complete, players will have the chance to experience the totally re-designed punishment system and a newly balanced combat mode.
Seeking to increase the ease with which players can tell what kind of opponent they’re facing, Blue, Pink and Red Names have been added that represent a player’s Violence. Violence “levels” are increased when players kill others or assist in killing, however if the target is a “red” player, they’re fair game with no repercussions. While any target is available for attack, Violence points are handed out in greater numbers to those that attack lower level players or players with a white name. Players with Blue or Pink names, or are a higher level will still garner Violence points but in smaller amounts.
Any player that is killed runs the risk of losing items and exp when they fall, though players can feel safe knowing they will not lose IM items, quest items, or AB points. Bound items and bound non-equipment items can also be dropped, but cannot be picked up by the killer…instead they can be destroyed.
If you find your name is dripping in the blood of innocents and don’t want to be known as a monster, then simply stay online and you’ll drop 1 Violence point each minute you’re on. If this isn’t enough to wash the blood from your hands, then visit the Priest in Aurora Seaport and make a donation. The priest is a tricky guy though, he’ll accept as many donations as you’d like to leave, but he’ll only cleanse Violence from you once a day.
With these latest modifications to the PK system, players no longer have to fear being placed in Mondo Weirdo’s Room after getting a Red Name. Also, the item “Messenger of Justice” will be taken off the shelves of the Item Mall and will no longer be available for purchase from NPCs.

Aurora Blade - Brand Spanking New PK System introduced

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