Aurora Blade: Competition System

Competition has always been a very important element in MMORPGs. Players enjoy the fun of questing and the personal interaction with friends all over the world, but it’s the red blooded competition with others that really drives these games. Today, the Aurora Blade team from IGG is giving a brief introduction to their competition system for all players.

Competing is quite different from PK and more like a friendly duel. Players can find the answers to how to become a competition leader by equipping different gear sets, how to use many skills in combination and also some smart ways to operate, through competing. When you compete, you get a chance to earn the respect of your opponents or even to make friends with them. However, one of the main attractions of competing has to be the fantastic rewards!

Instruction on how to join a competition
The Competition button is located below the game interface.
Click on the button to join the list of players waiting to compete. The system will then automatically match you with someone of around your level to take up your challenge. Join the list of players waiting to compete. The system will inform you of the start of the competition once an opponent has been detected. Click on the Competition button again to quit. You are on the waiting list! [Quit] All you have to do is to move your mouse and click on Quit the list to finish. Players who take part in competing will be rated.

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