Aurora Blade: Express System

The first and only Express Company has already been created in Aurora Blade – players can find the company in the Daks of cities and towns. It has been very popular with many players because of its perfect service and, today, the Aurora Blade team from IGG is giving a brief introduction to the Express system for all players.

Except for bound equipment, players can mail items, equipment, food and others to their friends via the Express Company. The Express Company service in Aurora Blade covers 34 in-game maps and areas. No matter where you are, you can receive a letter from the company and then you can claim your package from any nearby Daks.

It’s really convenient to mail items in Aurora Blade. You just need to talk to the appointed NPC and choose “Send a package”. Then fill out the package list including the consignee, the content, items and money you would like to mail. No matter what you would like to mail, it only costs you 10 Copper Coins. After finishing the package list, press “OK” to send the letter. After 10 minutes, your friends can pick-up the package.

Aurora Blade is the first browser-based 2D RPG brought to you by IGG and distinguishes itself as a simple yet exciting game with immersive storylines for players of all ages and skill levels.

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