Aurora Blade: Feature System Preview – Sweet, Sweet Love

Today, the Aurora Blade team is giving a brief introduction about the marriage system in game.

Marriage is a holy word. No matter whether you are a newbie player who met your first love in game or you have married many times in different games, a wedding is always a special but troublesome event. Does that mean that no one will bother with getting married anymore? No way!

In Aurora Blade, a sweet marriage system is available to all players. They can buy a pair of wedding rings from the NPC “Love Sister” in the Aurora Seaport and then propose to their soulmates.

After the wedding, all Wedding Rings have a “Love Teleportation” function which lets players summon their soulmates at will, except for Glass Wedding Rings. According to the marriage duration, there are 28 ranks of marriage in Aurora Blade. Players can view their marriage information from character status. If you are heartbroken and would like to forget the past, you can go find the “Love Sister” and then, the problem will be solved.

Aurora Blade is the first browser-based 2D RPG brought to you by IGG and distinguishes itself as a simple yet exciting game with immersive storylines for players of all ages and skill levels.

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