Aurora Blade: New Deep Pool Content

During the server maintenance on July 29th, the Aurora Blade team added an update that added some new content and patched a few small bugs.

New Content

–A Level 35 instance called Deep Pool is now open. Players venturing through this lush and verdant map will have the chance to obtain higher level orange equipment by defeating the BOSSes lurking there. Also, there is no longer a wait for BOSSes to refresh. So, invite some friends to come and check out the adventures that await you in this brand new instance.

New Instance


Only level 26-42 players can team up and enter the Deep Pool instance. The BOSSes here can be challenged at any time, and after being defeated will often hand over blue equipment – but every so often they will drop purple and orange equipment as well. However, BOSSes here will not drop any Skill Scrolls or Good Fellow cards. Players looking to advance must make sure they kill all the monsters in the scene, while those looking to leave will be teleported back to the Revival Spot they last saved at.

–A button has been added into the game to help players clean up their bag.

Bug Fixes

–Maps and skill effect icons can be displayed normally now when players use Mozilla’s Firefox browser. What’s more, they are able to freely drag their bag interface if they want.

–Quest names don’t overstep the quest frame when an NPC has too many quests for players to accept.

–The “Confirm” button that is displayed when players enlarge their item bar or warehouse using Mozilla’s Firefox Browser can be displayed normally now.

*Game Adjustments*

–The revival dialogue box can appear again when players reconnect to the game or press F5 to refresh the page, even if players close the dialogue box right after they are killed.


Check out the new Deep Pool screenshots in the Aurora Blade Screenshots Gallery!

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