Aurora Blade: Newbie Guide

In order to help newbie players smoothly play the game, the Aurora Blade team is giving a brief newbie guide for all players.

1. After entering the game and creating a character, you can work hard to level up by accepting main quests. Pay attention! You can accept mission quests from the NPC Harbor Supervisor in the Center Square of Aurora Seaport. You also still have a chance to obtain a Mushroom, containing a Good Fellow Card or any blue stat equipment.

2. Even though you’ve joined a team, you may be unable to obtain any exp if you don’t join in any battles. Only by attacking monsters can you obtain the really great amounts of exp. Also, make sure you join teams that are near the same level as you. If the level gap between you and your teammates is too much then you may not even earn any exp.

3. Elite monsters are aggressive and powerful. Don’t even think about bothering an elite monster when your level is close to theirs, its much safer to wait until you have an overwhelming advantage. Organize a team with 5 teammates, including at least 1 priest who has learnt Healing and Revival skills. What’s more, all teammates must work together. Elite monsters haven’t earned their status as “Elite” because they’re pushovers.

4. Once you’ve taken down some Elite monsters and feel ready for the next challenge, you’ll find BOSSes waiting for you. These ultra powerful monsters have fought their way to the top of the food chain and won’t give up their spot without a fight. Fighting these cunning creatures requires close cooperation among teammates. Players must always watch their steps and understand their role in the group strategy. You groups Priest may be occupied with healing someone else, or the BOSS may have turned his full attention on squashing you. Tactics and strategy can be the deciding factors here, so make sure you’re ready before you dive right in.

5. Stat point distribution, equipment refining and enchanting all directly affect a character’s abilities. Obtaining top equipment can be difficult, but it is one of the easiest ways to increase stats exactly where you need them.

6. All Level 15+ players can PK in Aurora Blade. However, you can’t maliciously attack other players on purpose. If you kill 3+ players, you will be put into prison after death.

7. After you obtain certain blueprints from monsters, you can buy materials from the Forging Master in the Equipment Shop and then forge whatever you like!

8. If you don’t like completing quests to level up, you can still choose to kill monsters. It is better for you to defeat Little Sea Horses, Conches, and Sea Urchins when you Level 10. You can then obtain some White Coral and make certain Stewed Seafood with the help of Boss Phoebe. When you are Level 12-13, go defeat Wild Rabbits and get some carrots and meat. When you are Level 14-15, it is better to defeat Hell Mages to obtain some money or cloth. If you want to obtain some apples and meat, go defeat the Leopard Cats when you are Level 17-18.

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