Aurora Blade: Teams Up with MySpace

Aurora Blade team has announced a new cooperative initiative with MySpace, the massive social networking community of more than 30 million users. Now anyone with a MySpace account can log into the game without signing up for Aurora Blade account.

An APP plug added to the MySpace interface allows players to log directly into Aurora Blade once they have a MySpace account. New players can now choose to register either Aurora Blade account or a MySpace account to enter this fantastic game world filled with adventure.
In addition, MySpace users who add a short introduction about developer on their page will receive a newbie gift pack, including a Level 35 mantle, an Angel’s Kiss (1h), and a Small Accelerator from the official Aurora Blade website. The first 20 players to add an IGG introduction will earn a larger gift pack, including an Ion Accelerator, an Angel’s Kiss (6h), a Lucky Stone, and 5,000 in-game coins.
At MySpace, players can make friends with people all over the world and then enjoy Aurora Blade together. The MySpace initiative is just one of many planned by the Aurora Blade team, which is looking toward cooperative efforts with other popular websites such as Facebook and Xfire in the very near future.
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